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The 24-Hour Locksmith: Your Best Friend in an Emergency

You hope the moment will never come. That moment when you realize that you locked your keys in your key and there is no one else with a copy. Maybe it’s not your car at all. Maybe you lost your house keys and you’ve looked everywhere and concluded that it’s gone for good. But what do you do if you lose or lock away your keys and it’s three in the morning – or any time of the day when you know that anyone that might be able to help will be closed – and probably asleep.

That’s exactly why a 24-hour locksmith should be on your speed dial. When an emergency happens, and you need to get into your car, your home or business fast, an emergency locksmith can get you through the door without resorting to breaking windows or destroying your door locks just to get inside. Even if you need someone A.S.A.P. because you have a baby locked inside your home that is probably going to wake up soon, a locksmith will head to your home right away and have you inside in minutes.

What You Need to Know About Emergency Locksmith Service

A good 24-hour locksmith will be happy to help you after hours, but there are a few things that you should know. First, the nature of the lockout will often determine how long it takes and how much it is going to cost. Some of the reasons people call locksmiths after hours include:

  • Opening a locked trunk
  • Repairing a transponder or chip key that has failed
  • Getting you into your car when you lock your keys inside
  • Opening your front door when you lock yourself out of your house
  • Getting you into your business when an emergency happens and you don’t have the key
  • Changing the locks because of a recent burglary or because you want to keep someone with a key out and you don’t want to wait until morning

Whatever the reason, you should be aware that there are differences between these types of service. For example, opening the door of your home is going to be different than fixing your chipped car key that will no longer operate. It’s best to tell the locksmith over the phone what the problem is so that he or she can bring the right tools.

You should also be aware that there is going to be an additional charge for after-hours service – as is the case with plumbers, electricians and any other service providers that respond to emergencies. If you are calling on a holiday, that charge may even be higher.

You should also be aware that it may take the locksmith a little extra time to unlock certain types of locks. Again, this will depend upon a number of factors – the make and model of the car, if you’re calling about your vehicle, or the types of lock on your door for home or office locksmith service.

Finally, be aware that you may need to prove that the vehicle is yours or at the very least, provide identification before the locksmith will let you in. A responsible locksmith will make sure that the person asking to get in actually has permission to do so.

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