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What exactly is Master Lock Installation?

When you say “master lock installation” the first thing that comes to people’s mind is a well-known brand of locks. But master lock installation actually refers to the installation of a series of locks that are all opened with a single key. A master lock is basically the same thing as a master key, which is a key (usually used in hotels and apartment buildings where one person needs access to multiple locks) that opens many locks that all would normally have different keys.

There are some major advantages that come with having a master lock installation done and a few disadvantages as well. In this article, we will be discussing how a master locks works and whether you should consider getting one (and under which circumstances), as well as what you should know before you decide to have a master lock installed. But before we get to the advantages and disadvantages of a master lock, let’s go over how the lock actually works.

A good access control system will be able to give certain people access to all areas of a location. This person should need only one key to access a variety of locks, and in some businesses, you may need to restrict certain locks to certain people. For example, one person may need access to every single lock, while others will only need access to locks A, B and C. In either case,

In order to allow one key to open multiple locks, a specific type of lock must be installed. With regular locks, only the key that fits into the lock will open them. With a master lock system, not only will the regular key open the lock, but a master key will also open it – one that works on many different locks in the building.

It is true that master locks are more expensive to install than regular locks systems, but it is also true that they are much more convenient and able to provide business owners and their key employees access to the entire building without the need for a central key location that can easily be accessed by non-authorized personnel, or requiring key employees to walk around with a huge ring of keys that are both inconvenient and costly – in terms of the time wasted finding a key.

A master lock system doesn’t necessarily have to refer to physical keys either. A master locks system can be used with a “key card” style access control system or even a digital keypad that requires a combination. There are many different options that you have when it comes to installing a master lock and you should talk with your locksmith to find out what is available to you.

The bottom line is that an access control system with a master lock is not just a good idea in some businesses, it is an absolute necessity and the amount of money that you spend on installation will probably be a good investment.


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